The Olympics are in full swing, and for me, that means lots more TV than I normally watch or allow my kids to watch and a Great Excuse for More Knitting.  My friend Kari told me about the knitting olympics for Ravelry crafties, called the Ravelympics. 


Credit to Kari for the avatar and the sharing the idea with me! 

I jumped into the Ravelympics like lots of other things I do, underestimating both the time my projects would take to accomplish and the volume of distraction from children, pets, home, husband and other important people and responsibilities in my life. 

But after all, this was supposed to be FUN so I’m not going to get too Type-A about finishing everything.  It’s been enjoyable to set some project goals and work toward them, since before this I was more of a “whenever” kind of knitter.  Now, of course, I am an “always” kind of knitter.  A little difficult to eat, sleep and read while knitting, but I’m working on it.  There has to be a way!

Here are the projects I’ve completed so far. 

One Hour Hat

(a lie–it took lots longer than an hour because I changed the pattern from straights to circulars and had never done anything like that before)

This was the yummiest yarn.  So much fun to work with that I didn’t mind redoing and struggling with the “pattern.”


Rolled Brim Baby Hat

No baby in sight to model this cute little guy, so we just used one of M’s pink balloons.  Balloon not included.


N’s Market Bag

Doesn’t this just look great? 

I’m also working on N’s socks (seen here) and hopefully they’ll be finished before the Olympics end as well.

The giant toothpicks are calling!  I’ll post more soon.  All the Best!