That’s me.  Duh. 

If you happen to be a crafter and here for all things crafty and you happen  to take a peek at the post below this one and you happen to wonder why it has absolutely nothing to do with any kind of crafty-stuff, then you happen  to be a very astute observer because I  happen to be an idiot.  Officially.

I recently started writing again, after a really long hiatus (to get an idea of why feel free to check out this post about it) and began my re-entry into bloggyland with my avoiding-midlife-crisis-by-running-because-why-not-do-something-that’s-completely-impossible blog. 

Things were rolling along quite well.  In fact, one of my posts actually got onto WordPress’s Freshly Pressed front page feature.  Very exciting.  But as for the accidentally post to the wrong blog…just me taking a trip to Dum-Dum-Ville. 

And so it was that a couple nights ago, I pushed that wonderful “Publish” button and several days later discovered that I’d posted the prose to The Wrong Blog.  Ack!

Anyway, please forgive me the non-crafting references on this blog.  I know you come here for homemade happiness.  Didn’t mean to disappoint.

And look forward to some New Stuff coming on this blog.  Stuff actually relevant to What the Craft?!  I’ve got some pretty neat stuff to share.  Can’t wait.