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At last my photographs are up and running again.  As promised in my earlier post, here is M’s very very pink market bag!








As I said, very very pink.


The sisterhood of the traveling market bags?  (Yes, I know, lame.  But the bags are cute!)


Big enough for a (big) buddy or two:

These bags go everywhere with us.  And obviously, they stretch to fit the task at hand!

Another confession.  Up until very recently, I had a secret fear.  A fear of…

my sewing machine.

Years ago, I purchased it with the great intentions of learning to sew along with my older daughter N.  We were excited and delighted until taking it out of the box.  The thing looked like a mechanical monster.  Oh heck no.  Back into the box it went.  Tucked deep into a little-used closet.  No sewing for me.  Nope.  No way.

Over the years I met many great gals who loved to sew.  No fear with these ladies.  I occasionally would suggest that I take a lesson or two from them, but heaved a secret sigh of relief when we became too busy to get it done.

Fast forward.  Labor Day 2008.  My friend Kari, bless her widdle heart, tells me to stop being a wimp, grab the machine and get to her house.  (She was a bit nicer than that, but you get the picture.)  Faced with no other options or distractions, off we went.  Machine and Me.

After figuring out the bobbin winding business and the threading thingy (Did you know all kinds of crazy things happen when you miss just one of those pesky threading steps?  Of course you did.), I finally started sewing.  Here’s the proof:


After discovering that I indeed could sew something that looked like a seam without driving the needle through my fingers or somehow breaking the machine, I felt SO ACCOMPLISHED!

But Kari wasn’t done yet.   She had some extra material and helped me make this bag:

Could it be any cuter? I think not.

It’s even reversible!  I’ll post a picture of it inside-outsy after I teach N to sew the big pink buttons on it.  I’ll betcha Kari would even share her pattern with us if you want it!

Who knew I had it in me?  🙂

First excitement.  Squeals of excitement.  Shrill, little-girl shrieks of excitement.  Yes, I have finished the beautiful pink market bag for M.

I also have taken so many cute pictures of the market bags and their owners and friends. 

And now, the frustration.

I cannot stand Kodak Easyshare Software.  The camera works fine, I just can’t do anything with the photos trapped in there about a third of the time.  They won’t upload and the software just freezes up and sends me one of those polite “not responding” boxes. 

An hour after messing with the stuff (I just re-downloaded the software earlier this week, so that can’t be the problem), I finally decided to give it a rest for the night.

Anyone out there with some tips on handling easyshare upload?  Your advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to get to the bottom of it and get you the pics of the new (did I mention pink?) market bag.  You’ll have to be in suspense another day!

Well, after N began using her market bag and getting all sort of neat comments about it, little M decided that she needed one–top priority!  I’ve been working on a pink one in Plymouth Fantasy Naturale #9992 to suit her princess personality.  Photos should be up tomorrow, as I’m expecting it to be finished then.  (So is M.)

This pic shows the Plymouth Yarn version.


(Photo credit and easy peasy pattern, free, from Plymouth Yarn.)



Nothing like a little sibling rivalry to re-prioritize your knitting agenda!

The Olympics are in full swing, and for me, that means lots more TV than I normally watch or allow my kids to watch and a Great Excuse for More Knitting.  My friend Kari told me about the knitting olympics for Ravelry crafties, called the Ravelympics. 


Credit to Kari for the avatar and the sharing the idea with me! 

I jumped into the Ravelympics like lots of other things I do, underestimating both the time my projects would take to accomplish and the volume of distraction from children, pets, home, husband and other important people and responsibilities in my life. 

But after all, this was supposed to be FUN so I’m not going to get too Type-A about finishing everything.  It’s been enjoyable to set some project goals and work toward them, since before this I was more of a “whenever” kind of knitter.  Now, of course, I am an “always” kind of knitter.  A little difficult to eat, sleep and read while knitting, but I’m working on it.  There has to be a way!

Here are the projects I’ve completed so far. 

One Hour Hat

(a lie–it took lots longer than an hour because I changed the pattern from straights to circulars and had never done anything like that before)

This was the yummiest yarn.  So much fun to work with that I didn’t mind redoing and struggling with the “pattern.”


Rolled Brim Baby Hat

No baby in sight to model this cute little guy, so we just used one of M’s pink balloons.  Balloon not included.


N’s Market Bag

Doesn’t this just look great? 

I’m also working on N’s socks (seen here) and hopefully they’ll be finished before the Olympics end as well.

The giant toothpicks are calling!  I’ll post more soon.  All the Best!

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