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That’s me.  Duh. 

If you happen to be a crafter and here for all things crafty and you happen  to take a peek at the post below this one and you happen to wonder why it has absolutely nothing to do with any kind of crafty-stuff, then you happen  to be a very astute observer because I  happen to be an idiot.  Officially.

I recently started writing again, after a really long hiatus (to get an idea of why feel free to check out this post about it) and began my re-entry into bloggyland with my avoiding-midlife-crisis-by-running-because-why-not-do-something-that’s-completely-impossible blog. 

Things were rolling along quite well.  In fact, one of my posts actually got onto WordPress’s Freshly Pressed front page feature.  Very exciting.  But as for the accidentally post to the wrong blog…just me taking a trip to Dum-Dum-Ville. 

And so it was that a couple nights ago, I pushed that wonderful “Publish” button and several days later discovered that I’d posted the prose to The Wrong Blog.  Ack!

Anyway, please forgive me the non-crafting references on this blog.  I know you come here for homemade happiness.  Didn’t mean to disappoint.

And look forward to some New Stuff coming on this blog.  Stuff actually relevant to What the Craft?!  I’ve got some pretty neat stuff to share.  Can’t wait.

Okay, so this is probably the FUNNIEST COMMERCIAL I have ever seen.  I think the one on TV actually was a little longer than this, but you’ll definitely get the idea!

If you’re a knitter, you’ll be crying with laughter in 16 seconds…

Warning:  knitters go to the potty BEFORE you click the link:

Probably the Funniest Commercial I Have Ever Seen


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Okay, I know it’s been, well, months, since I’ve posted here, but believe me, I have some very good reasons.  Between hospitalizations, a vacation, the holiday frenzy, and lots of other assorted stuff, I’ve been well, Indisposed.  But now, we’re back and I’ll try to pick up (at least slightly) where I left off, craft-wise.  (I’d have to have gotten back to business eventually, as Kari has shamed me into writing again!)

One really big area where I was remiss in not posting was the incredible, awesome TOGA party that N and I went to back in October.  My friend Linda and her incredibly creative sister, Sharon, invited me to this gathering of sewing legends who are (seriously) experts in treadle and handcrank sewing machines.   Linda and Sharon’s sister, Frankie, was part of the party too, with her creative crocheting self.   Well, My daughter, N, and I went and we had a wonderful time! 

As you may recall, my daughter N, took a liking to sewing  and was sewing on a chainstitch TOY machine.  Enter, the Treadle-On Angels. 

We simply CANNOT have sweet little N sewing on that toy.  (Seriously, I knew no better, but N was happy, so who was I to interfere?)  Yet, these amazing men and women literally took us in, taught N to sew and (for real) gave, seriously GAVE,  N an antique hand-crank sewing machine.  (Very special thanks to Karen and her very special guest, Iz).

I cannot thank these incredible folks enough for the hospitality and generosity they showed us.  More importantly, as a mama, I can’t thank them enough for the huge round of applause they all gave N as she finished her very first real project!   WOO HOO!  Oh yes, she’s got the sewing bug now.   And even though our opportunities for any kind of new crafting have been minimal with our family’s recent illnesses, N’s still chomping at the bit to get back in there and crank that machine.

These people are the real deal.  They blessed my daughter and me more than they could possibly realize.  I am so grateful for the chance to attend their get-together.  Whether they knew it or not, it really was a life changing event for N.  Which always makes me happy.

Here are some neat pictures of the event:

 A quick PS to Karen:  if you’d like me to post the photo of Iz with the machine here, I would be happy to do so.  Just want to make sure it’s okay with you.  Also, if you would rather I’d just send the photo directly to you, just let me know.   🙂

(And I promise, more updates from other crafty-type things will follow soon!)

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